Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Christmas Cards!

Who said making Christmas cards was not fun?!  I surely didn't!  My first attempt was okay. (Shown below), but as I got into the Christmas Spirit, the creative juices started to flow! 

So far I've made six...LOL.  I make cards like I wrap presents: slowly and carefully!  I've really enjoyed making these and plan on doing a few more!  Thanks for looking!  Card layout info:  Paper:  DCWV. Embellishments: DCWV.  Ink:  Ranger Industries. Punch:  Martha Stewart. Glue: Glossy Accents and Recollections adhesive foam squares.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My first attempt...A Christmas Card

I know, I'm a dork! I have been seeing so many beautiful handmade Christmas cards out and about the internet that I decided, "what the heck, I'll give it a go!"  I went to my local craft store and bought some beautiful festive paper and matching embellishments.  Not too shabby for my first try! I plan on making a bunch more if I'm not feeling too bad tomorrow (getting two fillings, bahh!)  Otherwise it looks like my date on Friday night will be with my scrap table and some festive holiday cardstock!  Thanks for stopping by!  Card Info:  Paper:  DCDW.  Ink: Ranger Industries. Embellishments: DCDW.

Monday, December 6, 2010

She Is...

My baby girl...Can't believe how fast she has grown! I titled this layout she is and included all of the things that she is to us as a family.  I call her my "Bellon Wellon" after one of my favorite Jerry Lewis movies-The Ladies Man, with Ms. Mellonwellon!  I loved her!  Anyhoo, I did this layout for a contest that I have entered with  They've got a bevvie of a prize for the first place winner.  I'm hoping that I was able to follow the sketch they provided for the contest.  It sure was a lot of fun to make, and only took me all of about...hmm.....3 weeks?!  Too much stuff going on with Thanksgiving, Christmas and all.  Thanks for stopping by!  Layout Info:  Paper:  K and Company, Flowers: Me and my Cricut Machine, Ink:  Ranger Industries, Brad:  Recollections, Ribbon: Martha Stewart Crafts, Font: PC using Microsoft Word.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Page for Allie Girl

Happy November, everyone!  My dear friend, Barbara, aka Allie Earp recently asked me to make a page of her Beloved Virge for her.  She had seen my previous layout I did with his black and white photo and wanted one for herself.  She wanted something to hang on her office wall.  I had a hard time with this, knowing that this was going to be a personal layout page just for her.  It was like writers block!  Anyway, I came up with this...It is similar to most of my work that I have done, but I just figured that she would enjoy the same technique that I had used before and with the old tattered and aged look, she would like it.  The badge pictured is actually my husbands, but Virgil's badge will take the place of this one.  I also included a small framed picture in color of of him which I thought was a nice little added touch.  Thanks for stoppin in!  Layout Info:  Paper: Graphic 45, DCDW, K and Company.  Paper Punch: Martha Stewart. Embellished Frame: Tim Holtz. Bling: Want 2 Scrap. Ink: Ranger Industries.  Glue: Zots, Mod Podge.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Little Cowboy

I love this picture so much!  This is my Son at about 4 or 5 years old.  I found this little duster coat on Ebay and had to buy it for him.  We were active in the Old West group at this time and didn't have anything for him to wear.  When we got this duster coat, everything changed!  He wore this coat and that old little beat up hat ALL THE TIME!  He used to go to the shows and sit at the front row and recite it line for line.  He even threw off our Doc Holliday cause he could hear him reciting his lines!  Layout Info: Paper: DCDW. Ink: Ranger Industries. Paper punches: Martha Stewart, 7 Gypsies. Letters: K and Company. Embellishments: Jolies Creations. Masks: Tim Holtz. Foam Glue Dots:  Recollections. Other: Ribbon. Ephemera: 7 Gypsies.

Friday, October 22, 2010


What a great day this was!  It was wonderful to see my husband being baptized at our church.  Since we've accepted Christ into our lives, everything has been so wonderful and we have been so Blessed with so many things!  I enjoyed doing this layout just for the purpose of what it was done for. I enjoyed covering the letters with a page from an old Bible, and plan on doing a few more layouts like this one: One of me and one of my Son getting baptized.  Layout Info:  Paper: Stemma, Best Occasions. Ink: Ranger Industries. Lettering, heart and wings: Tim Holtz. Ribbon: Craft Essentials. Brads: Recollections

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just in time for Fall! ~ Harvest Fair 2005

My latest layout to celebrate Fall! Harvest Fair 2005.  This picture was taken at an event that was held in San Bernardino, California every year.  The event was for the Center for Individual Development, or CID.  It is a great non-profit organization to help those with mental or physical handicaps.  I love my Cricut machine so much and how I could cut and layer the leaves in different colors to create this look!  Layout Info: Paper: DCDW, Best Occasions. Letters, numbers and leaves: Cricut Machine. Ink: Ranger Industries. Glue: Glossy Accents and Modge Podge. Foam stickers: Michael's.

Virgil 1953-2010

Once I had pulled myself together after Virge had passed, I was able to grab my bearings and do a nice tribute page for my scrapbook album.  This was one of the pictures that I had for his memory board, except I had it printed in Sepia tone.  I think this came out pretty nice.  It's very clean and simple...Just the way he would have like this to be!  Layout Info:  Papers: Best Occasions, DCDW. Ink: Ranger Industries. Ornate Frame: Tim Holtz. Paper Punch: Martha Stewart. Letters: Cricut. Flowers: Michael's. Rose Brads: Michael's. Vellum Frame: Teresa Collins.

A Heartfelt Creation...

On August 31, 2010, a wonderful man that we loved dearly passed away.  You will see him in many of my layouts here on my blog, as he was also an orignal member of our Old West reenactment group.  His name was Daryl Chamberlain.  He played our Virgil Earp, and booyyy was he great!  He had a deep voice just like Sam Elliott did in the movie, Tombstone, along with the same sterness as well!  The night he passed, we received the phone call and rushed down to his home.  What a sight it was to see the boys you see pictured in these layouts literally carrying him out of his home after he had passed.  I will never forget that site for as long as I live.  Before they carried him out, we got to say our goodbyes.  Mine went something like this:  "Virge, I made a promise to do something special for you, and I intend to keep that promise.  Until I see you again in heaven, I love you, Big Brother!"  With that said, I made this memory board for his memorial service.  Thanks for looking.

Tombstone, AZ

Another one of my favorite layouts.  This photo was taken of the Law Dogs in Tombstone, Arizona during the Rendezvous of Gunfighters that takes place every Labor Day weekend.  Every year, we would trek out to AZ with full costuming and ready for shows.  The group performed on Allen Street, at the OK Corral and at dinner show venue called Six Gun City.  This photo was taken by a phenominal photographer and I would say that it is one of the best photos ever taken of the boys.  Naturally, I had to scrap this one.  This another one of my favorite 3D Layouts!  Layout Info: Paper: DCWV, Graphic 45. Ink: Ranger Industries. Embellishments: Jolies Creations. Brads, Ornate Frame, Scroll Mask, Letters: Tim Holtz. Paper punches: Martha Stewart. Pinwheels: Me!

Dad in 1954

This is my Dad taken in 1954.  I love this photo of him...what a handsome dude!  So funny to see this photograph though, since I've always known my Dad to have a moustache!  I made this layout for him and gave it to him on his 80th birthday.  This layout came from an inspiration from Teresa Manchas of the Scrap This blogsite.  I purchased a copy of Somerset Magazine and found her layout, and was truly inspired to create something 3 dimensional...I've been hooked on 3 dimensional media ever since!  Layout Info:  Paper: K and Company, Best Occasions, Letters, Lock, keys, and scroll embellishments: Cricut. Ink: Ranger Industries. Embossing Powder: Stampendous! Hinges: Tim Holtz


Although the layout has the year 1947 on it, this picture was actually taken in 1949.  This was my Mother's senior picture.  What a wonderful era this was, with the music, hairstyles and clothing!  This was a labor of love for my Momma!  I love you, Mom!  Layout info:  Paper: K and Company, 7 Gypsies, Best Occasions.  Paper punch: Martha Stewart, Glossy Accents and Ink: Ranger Industries, Ornate frame: Cricut, Embossing Powder: Perfect Pearls. Letters: Tim Holtz and Cricut. Other: ric rack fabric trim. 

My Beloved Nana - Missed and Loved

Each grandchild was given this photo of my Nana taken somewhere around the early 70's.  My Nana was a true inspiration!  She raised eight children on her own by keeping many jobs in a little mining town in Jerome, Arizona.  She was a tough lady, yet gentle and wise.  I wanted to have this photo matted and framed, but this was about the time that I had begun to scrapbook, and I was hot on using my newly acquired cricut machine, so I went to town with it!  I also got some inspiration from a fellow Blogger, Laura from The Paper Trail Blog.  On her page, she did a tutorial on how to make paper flowers.  I thouroughly enjoyed doing this and am proud to say that this page was completely handmade by me! (Except for the buttons) Papers: K and Company. Flowers: Me ;0), Letters: Cricut Create, Other: Buttons and thread.

Our Little Man 2003

My Son taken in 2003 when he was almost One.  My Little Man is now Seven, almost Eight!  As I mentioned before-how time flies!  I loved the way this layout turned out.  I wanted it to mirror his little red, white and blue outfit and found inspiration from my paper stash.  I also did the little paper rolls by hand, and really like the way they turned out. Paper:  Graphic 45, TPC Studio.  Grunge numbers, letters, stars and scroll: Tim Holtz.  Glossy Accents and Ink: Ranger Industries. Embossing Powder: Stampendous!  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soiled Doves

Ahh..the Ladies of Law Dogs N Ladies!  I think this is about the only photo that I have scrapped of the ladies thus far!  These were the original ladies lineup from so long ago.  These saloon dove outfits were designed by Laura (second from right) and sewn by each of us! (What fun that was since most of us did not know how to sew!)  This photo was taken in Tombstone, Arizona at one of the many photog studios where they dress you up for pics.  They liked our outfits so much, they had us come in and take this photo and had it posted up in their front window for about a year!  Anyway, this layout was one of my first attempts at scrapping, and since then, I've wanted to re-do it.  I'll leave it as is.  Layout Info:  Paper: K and Company, Best Occasions.  Grunge Scroll, Type letters, and scroll masks: Tim Holtz.  Ink: Ranger Industries.  Paper punch: Martha Stewart. Embossing powder: Stampendous!

Calico 2001

Another great shot and one of the first photos that were taken of the original four members of Law Dogs N Ladies.  This was taken at the Calico Ghost Town in Bartstow, California.  We attended an event called Calico Days which took place in the Fall.  I had this photo laying about and thought that it would be perfect for scrapping since this is a favorite of mine for many years.  This layout has since become one of my favorites.  Thanks for looking!  Layout:  Paper:  K and Company, Best Occasions and 7 Gypsies.  Grunge hinges and letters:  Tim Holtz.  Paper punch: Martha Stewart. Embossing powder: Perfect Pearls.

Justice Is Coming

As I had mentioned in my "About Me" section, my husband and I used to belong to an Old West Reenactment Group called "Law Dogs N Ladies".  My husband played Morgan Earp, the younger of the Earp brothers, while I played Louisa Earp, wife of Morgan.  The group portrayed the famous Lawmen, Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp, along with Doc Holliday.  The shows consisted of doing scenes from the movie, Tombstone.  We had a blast doing this, and have TONS of photos from the 6+ years that we belonged to the group!  This is one of my layouts from an event called Harvest Fair, which took place in San Bernardino, California.  In this picture, the boys were asked to do "The Power Walk" (lol) where they would walk down the main event area as if they were walking to the OK Corral for the infamous shootout.  I made this layout for "Wyatt" second to the left.  Layout Info:  Paper:  DCWV, K and Company, Best Occasions.  Paper Punch: Martha Stewart. Letters, and Grunge Hinges:  Tim Holtz.  Ink:  Ranger Industries. Brads: Michaels. Embossing powder: Stampendous!  Thanks for looking!

Bella @ 3

Hard to believe my little girl has grown up so fast!  The days of feeding, changing, burping then repeat, are long gone.  But I have to say that I am proud of my Bella.  We both went through a rough adjustment around the time that she was 18 months old, with her Momma having open heart surgery and all, but we got through it!  These photos were taken at the daycare center she attended while I was still working.  Every year, this photography company would come in and dress up the kids in different little costumes and take great pictures.  My girl had a great time dressing up, but was upset that she couldn't keep the costumes!  Layout Info:  Papers: K and Company, Lace Punch: Martha Stewart, Flowers and ornate frame: Cricut, Butterflies: Cricut and K and Company, Ink Pads: Ranger Industries, Fabric Measure: Tim Holtz.  Thanks for looking!